The Water Zone

Defining Sustainable Landscapes

April 15, 2019

With guest Chris Austin of Maven's Notebook, The Water Zone discusses the California Water Commission’s proposal of using flood water for managed aquifer recharge with a focus in on-farm recharge. Also discussed is the drinking water trust legislation, as California seeks to arrange utility marriages, where larger water agencies can either merge or compete with smaller water agencies who cannot provide clean water to their customers.

Also joining the program is Mary Ann Dickinson and Maureen Erbeznick of The Alliance for Water Efficiency (AWE) to discuss the results of their recent study, "Landscape Transformation - What did the AWE find out?" Dickinson and Erbeznick help explain what is meant by sustainable landscape, and the various rebate and educational programs offered by various water agencies. They also comment on some industry barriers to making landscape transformations and irrigation efficiency happen faster.

(Podcast recorded on April 11, 2019)