How to be Water Smart

February 14, 2019

With guest Dr. Gregory Quist, Board of Director for Rincon del Diablo Water District, we discuss steps taken by Rincon to safely implement water efficiency into their curriculum. Quist, who also serves as president of the Urban Water Institute and CEO of SmartCover, Inc, shares on the Institute's mission and current activities, as well as the unique SmartCover technology.

(Podcast recorded on February 7, 2019)


Snow, Water and Energy

February 4, 2019

Featured guest, Chris Austin of Maven's Notebook, discusses the latest measurements of Sierra Nevada snowpack, a crucial source for California's water supply. Also discussed is the proposed California Twin Tunnel project and its potential impact on vital levees and other infrastructures by boring two, four-story tunnels in the California Delta.

Ryan Meres, program Director for RESNET (Residential Energy Services Network), also joins the program to talk about programs relating to water and energy standards. Ryan addresses the HERS H2O rating, and how complying has the potential to increase the value of your home.

(Podcast recorded on January 31, 2019)


Central Control Irrigation Controllers

January 22, 2019

Our featured guest, Scott Kyle, of The Toro Company, examines the purpose and capabilities of Central Irrigation Controllers. He helps define how these systems have the ability to program, monitor and adjust large irrigation systems, having control with hundreds of stations from one central location and/or with multiple sites spread over a large geographical distance. We have further discussion on different system configurations available utilizing a variety of communication methods and climatological sensors.

(Podcast recorded on January 17, 2019)


Water Recycling

January 14, 2019

Joined by Chris Austin of Maven’s Notebook, The Water Zone takes a look at recent water news from the Metropolitan Water District in drawing down water levels in Lake Mead, the California State Water Resources Board on urban water conservation, and whether California desalination could be a key to Arizona’s water solution. Thomas Kunetz of the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago also joins the program to discuss the city’s water infrastructure, education programs and water treatment issues and successes.

(Podcast recorded on January 10, 2019)


The Future of Water

December 14, 2018

Our featured guest, Amanda Sheffield, who is the NOAA Regional Coordinator of the National Integrated Drought Information System (NDIS), explains how NOAA is tasked with building a national drought early warning system (DEWS) to help make better informed and more timely decisions before, during and after a drought. She also addresses what NDIS is doing to improve drought management practices regionally and across the country.

(Podcast recorded on December 13, 2018)


At the Irrigation Show & Education Conference “Wrap-Up”

December 11, 2018

Hosts Rob Starr, Inge Bisconer & Chris Davey discuss the success of the Show, and what new and interesting technologies were presented. In addition, they touched upon various key topics, such as poor water quality around the country, the true value of water, and the immense problem of discarded plastic water bottles found in our oceans.

(Podcast recorded on December 6, 2018)


Florida Nursery, Growers and Landscape Association

September 14, 2018

With guest Ben Bolusky, CEO and executive vice president of Florida Nursery, Growers and Landscape Association (FNGLA), The Water Zone takes a look at the organization and current areas of focus. FNGLA is the nation’s largest state nursery and landscape association, and represents Florida’s environmental horticulture industry.

(Podcast recorded on September 13, 2018)


Monitoring and Managing Water Usage

September 7, 2018

Joined by Rich Meeusen, chairman and CEO of Badger Meter, a leading manufacturer of flow measurement and control technologies, The Water Zone takes a look at solutions to provide smarter monitoring and usage for municipal water utilities. 

(Podcast recorded on September 6, 2018)


Conservation Efforts in Nevada

August 31, 2018

With guest Patrick Watson, conservation services administrator with Southern Nevada Water Authority, The Water Zone discusses conservation activities and the future of water in Nevada.

(Podcast recorded on August 30, 2018)


Municipal Water District, Orange County

August 3, 2018

With guest Larry Dick, director of the Municipal Water District of Orange County (MWDOC), The Water Zone discusses the agency’s efforts in water supply development, water use efficiency, advocacy, water education and emergency preparedness.

(Podcast recorded on August 2, 2018)


Water Environment Federation

July 27, 2018

Joined by Travis Loop, director of communications and public outreach at Water Environment Federation, The Water Zone discusses the organization’s role in raising public awareness about the importance of clean water to our health, our communities our economy.

(Podcast recorded on July 26, 2018)


Future of Water in Orange County

July 13, 2018

With guest Michael Markus, general manager of the Orange County Water District, The Water Zone discusses the region’s water future.

(Podcast recorded on July 12, 2018)


Water Rights

June 15, 2018

With guest David Rose, attorney for the California State Water Resources Control Board, The Water Zone takes a look at the agency’s role in policy and regulation surrounding water usage.

(Podcast recorded on June 14, 2018)


Future Water Technologies

June 8, 2018

Joined by guest Nick Christians, Ph.D., professor of turfgrass management at Iowa State University, The Water Zone discusses the future of turf management and the influence of technologies to improve resource efficiency and application.

(Podcast recorded on June 7, 2018)


How Climate Change Affects Water Availability

June 1, 2018

With guest Neil Berg, associate director of science at the University of California – Los Angeles (UCLA), The Water Zone takes a look at recent research on climate change and its impact on the region.

(Podcast recorded on May 31, 2018)


Conservation Efforts in Los Angeles

May 11, 2018

With guest Liz Crosson, director of infrastructure at the Office of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, The Water Zone discusses several initiatives within Los Angeles to reduce water usage and further conservation efforts.

(Podcast recorded on May 10, 2018)


Drone and Turf Technologies

April 27, 2018

Joined by guest Jason VanBuskirk, vice president of sales and marketing for GreenSight Agronomics, The Water Zone takes a look at the development of drone technologies to help the golf and agricultural markets better manage plant health with few resources.

(Podcast recorded on April 26, 2018)


Water Technologies

March 30, 2018

With guest Dean Amhaus, president and CEO of The Water Council, The Water Zone discusses the global water industry and the development of innovative water technologies that are helping to address our critical global water challenges.

(Podcast recorded on March 29, 2018)